Scout Wintercamp – Cheddar 23′

Forty four of us stayed at Cheddar YHA for the weekend, enjoying the stunning views both above and below ground.

Dressed up in boiler suits, helmets and torches we went caving and squeezed our way through the network of tunnels. One of the scout laws is that ‘a scout has courage in all difficulties’ and the entire group were so incredibly courageous, with all entering the amazing caves. Three species of bats were seen and the instructors were brilliant in providing some education on route.

Navigation skills were improved and a hike planned, before taking off for the hills. Some brilliant map reading and great teamwork helped to get all our scouts back to the youth hostel.

We whittled with penknives, used extreme catapults and played team games. Our incident room found our scouts entering various situations in teams and trying to ensure they administered the right response. One crazy incident even had our young leader have his hand come off, to be bandaged and placed with ice – which of course our scouts found hilarious.

A brilliant weekend, thanks to the amazing support of eight fantastic leaders.

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