Wintercamp – Brecons

A camp of snowballs and snowmen!

42 Scouts and Explorers stayed in lodges in the Brecons. Arriving late on the Friday night the first task was to climb a steep icy hill to the lodges as the vehicles couldn’t make it up. Sunrise the following morning was stunning, providing us with a view that was even more impressive across the hilly Brecons. The snow was deep enough for a bit of sledging and of course the obligatory snowball fights!

We undertook an all day hike, with Explorers providing some challenging check points for the Scouts. These included learning about survival in bivouac shelters, cooking on a trangia and a few teamwork challenges. All of which completed under the constant barrage of snowballs!

That evening we had some fun with party games, the climax of which had to be the ‘dipping challenge’. Where first a lemon was retrieved from a bucket of water by teeth alone (no hands). Then a grape out of a bucket of ketchup and then finally a jelly sweet out of a bucket of flour. You can imagine the fun we had!

The final day we undertook some knot challenges, made catapults, shelters and improved our axing skills. Before skidding down the hill and warming up on the journey back.

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