100 years of Cubs

Cub Origins…

2016 is a huge year for the Cub Scouts as we celebrate our 100th birthday. Scouts were founded in 1907 and soon the younger boys were trying to get in so Baden Powell created a section just for them – The Wolf Cubs. After a shake-up in 1967 we became known as Cub Scouts and the name has stuck since then. Cubs continues to evolve, with girls being welcomed to the group for the first time in 1991, one of the first in the area to do so.

100 Years Later

Today there are around 137,500 Cub Scouts in the UK supported by tens of thousands of volunteer leaders. The badges and challenges have changed over the years but the heart and ideals of the movement have stayed the same, as we give children new skills and experiences helping prepare them for life.

We’ll be doing lots of events this year to mark the centenary – we just can’t wait.

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