Wintercamp 2020 – Oxford

43 Scouts and Explorer Scouts (plus their leaders) went on a weekend adventure at Youlbury Scout Centre in Oxford. ‘Wintercamp’ was full of excitement.

A full day hike in the rolling hills, where most of the mud returned with them. Tommahawk throwing – where angel heads and full blown axes whistled through the air, trying to miss the poor trees and hit the targets provided. A special zip line, where you end the line stranded high up in the air and have to reclip your self to be able to abseil down from 30ft up. Its not easy undoing and moving carabiners, knowing the ground awaits you faster than intended if you get it wrong! A 3G swing – think playground swing on a very large scale – truly terrifying! Some sensory games – where a very long trail taken by blindfold had you thinking twice, especially with some of the alternative routes it took.  Combined with lots of team games, cooking on trangias (small stoves) and learning to navigate. It was a jammed pack weekend.

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