40 Scouts Canoe the Ardeche River

Summer 2019 Camp was in the Ardeche region, South France. Where 40 Lightwater Scouts, Explorer Scouts and their leaders spent the week making memories to last a lifetime. A 24km paddle along the River Ardeche was certainly the highlight of the trip, but according to our scouts they also loved sleeping out under the incredible starlit sky and watching the many shooting stars. Just goes to show that the most expensive activities aren’t always the best! We also enjoyed many team games such as orienteering, rafting, kayaking, large team puzzles and climbing.

Jumping from great heights into the river tested our scout law on ‘courage’. Some are so incredibly fearless. Long may it last!

Orgnac Caves were so stunningly big and impressive. Over 700 steps down through incredible stalactites and stalagmites. A welcome cool break from the 35-40 degrees Celsius we’d been experiencing outside.

We also managed a few trips into the local villages on market days. Where the local produce of nougat and lavender was quickly ignored due to ice cream and crepe stalls : )

An amazing trip – a big thank you to all who made it possible!

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