100 badges for 100 years of cubs

George from our Waingunga Pack has been awarded his 103rd Cub badge. We think he is brilliant and so did our District who awarded him the commissioners commendation award! Click below to read what George thinks…

My favourite badge is the Chief Scout Award, because it is the highest awarded badge in Cubs and you have to work really hard to get it. My favourite activity badge is Astronomer because I like looking up at the sky and stars, especially when I am on Cub Camps and the sky is really clear. I have learnt lots of new skills at Cubs. I love spending time outdoors, camping, building fires and pioneering.

I really enjoy Cubs and helping the community, I enjoyed taking my Six litter picking at The Country Park in Lightwater and we went on a sleepover at the Science Museum. Our team also came second in the district Night Hike competition. All of the badges have been really interesting to do, especially Environmental Conservation, Community Impact and the Our World Challenge Award. I also enjoyed trying lots of new activities so that I could earn my badges, for example, map reading and martial arts. For the Disability Awareness badge I helped my Granny who has had a stroke, to go out for the day and to do jobs around the house.

Skills I have learnt at Cubs have taught me how to survive in the outdoors. I wrote to Bear Grylls about my badges and I was very happy when he sent me a signed photograph of himself and Blue Peter sent me a Silver Blue Peter Badge. Being a Cub has inspired me to keep learning lots of new things. I made a Powerpoint presentation about my time at Cubs and I presented it in assembly at my school and I am going to show it at Beavers too. I hope that I show good citizenship as a member of society because I always abide by the Cub Scout Law and Promise. I am going to keep earning more badges and I look forward to moving on to Scouts soon.

It was my goal to get over 100 badges! I really wanted to get at least 100 badges because 2016 it is 100 Years of Cub Scouts and I wanted to achieve something exceptional. I think I may now have the most Cub Scout badges in the United Kingdom, as I have not found any other Cubs with over a 100 badges.

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