Summer Camp – Isle of Wight

An adventure on the Isle of Wight for more than 40 Scouts and Explorers

At the end of August 2014, twelve explorers, twenty scouts (from both Endeavour and Cornwell Troops) and ten leaders caught a ferry to the Isle of Wight for ‘Sumer Camp’. We set up on a designated scout site bordering the estuary at Shalfleet – a stunning and remote waterside location brimming with wildlife. We had three ‘sites’, each enclosed by woodland and joined by a small path. The Explorers made light work of setting up their 3-man tents on their site and proceeded to help the Scouts next door.

The Scouts camped in patrols (groups of 5) within large canvas tents, with an attached dining shelter. Their ‘kitchen’ was based from a large box which they had constructed, painted and packed the previous term. Each patrol cooked on their own fire and I think I’m safe to say that although successful, a lot of lessons were learnt the first time this was attempted. The following day, with concerns in the pit of my stomach about everyone managing an edible dinner using chicken, pasta and a host of vegetables we set about the challenge once again. I sheepishly admit I had a tear in my eye when I entered the field expecting the worst and every patrol was not only cooking well, they were excelling through amazing team work. A proud moment.

As part of the planned activities, we all built and launched our own homemade rafts on the estuary, quickly learning how to tie effective knots. When I say launched, I actually refer to wading and sliding through knee deep estuarine mud to the waters edge. Needless to say that the troop very quickly turned into mud monsters and now know how to survive should they ever find themselves stuck in the future.

Following the rafting the Explorers set off on a hike across the Island with full back packs. They pitched at a separate site and cooked on trangias (small meths based stoves). After a strenuous day, an additional treat of additional fish and chips that evening went down well. The Scouts headed to the beautiful white pinnacles of ‘the Needles’. High winds and large waves unfortunately meant we had to abandon the plan of taking the chairlift down to awaiting speedboats, so we headed to a nearby beach and much fun was had.

The following morning we started a 12 mile bike ride from near Sandown, through beautiful scenery across the whole of the Island to West Cowes. A very enjoyable day which only led to a few leaders walking cowboy style. The same night we laughed hard at a campfire, where everyone had prepared a sketch or song for all to enjoy.

Our camp wasn’t all ‘go, go, go’ though. On the Sunday morning prior to striking camp the Explorers led a thought invoking ‘Scouts Own’, which is a special time where we take a moment to stop and explore all the important values that underpin scouting.

As always, much thanks goes to all the parents who support us, the leaders whose effort is a true asset to Lightwater and the Scouts and Explorers for making it so much fun.

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