Help us please!

One Beaver Colony and one Cub Pack will close this Summer unless we find support.

We’ve borrowed leaders from other parts to keep things going for now, but it’s meant the numbers of children we can have (due to adult to child ratios) are very limited. So, we have waiting lists that can only be described as heart-breaking.

Scouting is back with more excitement than ever! The organisation as a whole has listened hard and adapted to meet volunteer needs. Free, painless and informative training is now accessible online, alongside lots of support and endless opportunities for those that want it. Lightwater is lucky to have a very welcoming group which means long term adult friendships are often made here.

It’s a misnomer that volunteering means an every week commitment. Family life and work are just a few of the reasons why our leaders share responsibilities. There are so many roles that can be done in your own time. But in scouting ‘team work really does make the dream work’! A little from all enables the hall to fill with laughter – its incredibly rewarding to be a part of.

Get in touch with us through the ‘join’ or ‘contact’ tab on this website

…or come and see us to briefly chat about these roles on Wednesday 23rd March, 8pm at Lightwater Scout HQ.

  • Beaver Leader or Assistant helper: Tues 5-6.30pm or Thurs 5.30-6.45pm pm term time
  • Cub Leader or Assistant helper: Mon 5.30-7pm or Weds 6-7.30pm term time
  • Squirrel Leader and Assistant helpers: Brand new section in Scouting for the 4-6 year olds. This hasn’t been set up yet in Lightwater, so if interested we’d help you get going.
  • Group Scout Leader:  Any time that suits. A link to our District scouts and a ‘manager’ of all our leaders in Lightwater.
  • Supporter:   2-3 friendly meetings a year and event support when you can. A committee that is similar to a school supporters association. Helping to organise important fundraising events like the village bonfire and jumble sales.
  • Moving on and waiting list coordinator:  In your own time. Twice a year we shuffle the scouts up to their next section but it takes a little bit of liaison and coordination.
  • 2nd hand uniform coordinator:  In your own time

PLEASE help us to continue scouting.

Thank you!

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