Beaver Camp

On the 29th September our Beavers (Borrowers and Nemo) joined with over x 100 Beaver Scouts from Surrey Heath to spend a day rafting at ‘Explore Water Activity Centre’ as well as practising other outdoor skills such as fire-lighting, climbing, orienteering and enjoying a BBQ.
Then before nightfall we put up tents and camped out overnight in what became a chilly introduction for many of them in not only camping in tents but just being away from their parents overnight. A very brave achievement as some of them were only 6yrs old!
All of those who stayed overnight now qualify for the ‘Damboree Beavers In Tents’ Badge, a new initiative to get Beavers on overnight camps instead of Sleepovers at their Scout Huts.
We’re not Beavers – we’re Beaver Scouts.

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